Ink Research Manufacturing and Development Company in India
We’re a global ink research & manufacturing company

We believe in getting wise but remaining young

Our leadership team, collectively has over a 100 years of experience in the business of colour. Yet, we understand that to remain relevant we have to embrace the new, blend in with the young and anticipate the future.

We believe that bettering yourself will better your products

We often travel abroad for week-long conferences to speak to our customers, partners and distributors, just to gather feedback, keep abreast of best practices and apply them to improve our products. Today we work with the top OEMs in the world.

We believe that partnerships are essentially friendships

We have the humility to know that we can’t do everything ourselves. Which is why we grow when our partners grow.

We believe that culture can’t be captured in a 2 page document

Culture is what we do and what we practice here.

We believe that getting a life is as important as getting a career

We live and work in Vadodara, which apart from being the chemical hub of India, also gives us a great work-life balance.