UV Ink

An Acrylate Monomer based Free Radical Chemistry Inks that can be applied various Rigid , semi Rigid Surfaces such as Coroplast, Foam Board, Corrugated PVC, PVC etc.

  • Emits low VOC's, fumes or Odour
  • Suitable for Spectra*, Konica*, Hitachi* print heads
  • Large Color Gamut
  • Good Elasticity , scratch resistance and Exceptional MEK Resistance and Rub resistance over various substrates.
  • Universal ink for flat & Flexible surface.
Ink Grades Colour Shades Out-door life
StandardDeep RichUpto 12** Months

**Conditions Apply

Viscosity4 ~ 55 cps
Surface tension25~ 36mN/m
Mean Particle sizeD 50 < 0.45 microns
Flash point> 90 Deg. C
Light fastness7 - 8 (depends on grade of ink being purchased)
Optical Density> 1.5 [Except Yellow Color]
VOC Content< 2%